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Currency exchangers

Websites that perform exchange of the cryptocurrencies to fiat money can be found here. Proceed to the category

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PTC. Bitcoins for Clicks!

PTC sites are called as Paid To Click sites where you will be getting paid some small money whenever you watch ads in the web browser. There are some websites in the internet that offer this business model with free investment but guaranteed payments. It hardly takes 3 – 5minutes to work daily in one […]

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Crypto-games websites

Play games, make bits! Proceed to the category

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Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a new concept that allows to form groups (mining pools) to make greater profits due to collective work in comparison to mining with your own equipment. Mining is performed in the ‘Cloud’ and thus allows to evade different problems, including: power outages, issues with equipment setup and Internet connection, power consumption and […]

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