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ETHTRADE – BuddyCoin


Ethtrade company is represented by ambitious team of top level professionals. Their priority is improvement and popularization of Ethereum platform, which is a new generation cryptocurrency. They have started Ethtrade to participate in exchange operations, attract investments and manage them, and also to help others make profits due to Ethereum volatility and increasing number of users.

Traders of the company, operate with currency pairs ETH/BTC and ETH/USD, offering 25% increase of your deposit monthly thanks to finance management through Ethtrade platform. These results are available right after you register account on their website. They are ready to provide funds management, professional trading and precise financial reports on the state of your investments.

Исользование множества трейдинговых стратегий позволяет им проводить успешные сделки не смотря на нынешнее состояние рынка. Они производят сделки как на повышение так и на понижение цены Этериум. Ваши инвестиции остаются в сохранности и быстро приумножаются благодаря работе трейдеров.

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