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Click For BTC – BuddyCoin

Click For BTC

What “Click for BTC” is all about?

“Click for BTC” is Bitcoin based, pay for clicks service.

As a free user, you can make free Bitcoins by watching ads, accomplishing tasks, registering on websites и тд.

Although, if you are an advertiser, you can attract users to your websites.

Site features:
-Advertise your sites by paying 0.001 PTC.
-Attract traffic to your websites or partners links and gather referrals.
-Get guaranteed sign ups “Оплата за клики”.
-Promote your banners with cheap “Banner Advertisement”.
-Make account upgrade and get more commission from your partners.


At the moment, Click For BTC offers lowest prices. Not a single PTC site offers such prices.

Advertisement prices and pricing:
-10 seconds viewing: 1000 visits за 0.001 BTC
-20 seconds viewing: 1000 visits за 0.0013 BTC
-30 seconds viewing: 1000 visits за 0.00165 BTC
-60 seconds viewing: 1000 visits за 0.00255 BTC

Wholesale model is present. Then more you buy, then cheaper it gets.

Targeting is available for all types of ads. You can use targeting by countries or user’s status. Don’t forget, that your advertising company will go slower with targeting. “Fixed packages” were added, using which you can attract users for 1, 5, 10 days in a row and finally new categories for ads were added.

Banner advertisement
Places for banners of such sizes: 125×125, 728×90, 468×60, are offered for cheap price.

AdGrid ads:
1 day of unlimited views for 0.001 BTC
5 day of unlimited views for 0.005 BTC
10 day of unlimited views for 0.01 BTC

баннер 468х60